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About Us

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We believe that every individual deserves quality clean water for their daily consumption at affordable cost. Besides being a wholesaler and retailer of imported water system, we also discover a quality clean water system and market with our own brand at affordable price in Melaka, Malaysia. Over 10 years of operation in Melaka, we have serve thousands of customers covering household, commercial as well as industrial and still continuing serving them today.

我们相信每个人都想要一个价格合理和优质的滤水器及纯净饮用水,所以我们除了进口和零售外国品牌滤水器之外,也研发了自己的品牌,让你以合理的价格拥有优质的滤水器. 我们在马六甲已有超过10年的运作, 己经为数以千计的客户提供各种优质的滤水器及纯净饮用水, 涵盖了家庭及工商业用途. 日后,我们也会继续为您带来更多优质的产品及更好的服务.